Communication at the Heart of the School - Book Cover
1st Edition

Communication at the Heart of the School

A Guide for Practitioners Working with Children with Learning Disabilities

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780367515683
Hardback: 9780367515676
eBook: 9781003054467
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Communication at the Heart of the School introduces a simple, practical approach for communication development in schools, with a specific focus on children with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD).

The tried-and-tested framework offers a shared approach to communication development between teachers and speech and language therapists, moving through three crucial stages: the communication assessment, the communication pathway and the classroom environment. It provides a clear structure for the role of each professional and explains how they contribute to every aspect of the child’s communication development.

Key features include:

  1. A communication pathway that follows a yearly cycle of assessment, plan and intervention, identifying specific communication needs and offering advice on creating communication-friendly environments
  2. A focus on the shared vision of teachers and speech and language therapists, creating a united and team-led approach to communication development, ensuring that both therapists and teachers feel supported in tackling complex communication challenges effectively
  3. Photocopiable and downloadable assessment forms for accurately measuring outcomes in a time-friendly and accessible way

Underpinned by the Communication and Cognitive Framework currently used by teachers, speech and language therapists and families, this resource offers a complete package of communication support. It is an essential tool for speech and language therapists and teachers supporting children communicating at early developmental levels.


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