Adventures in Social Skills - Book Cover
1st Edition

Adventures in Social Skills

The ‘Finding Kite’ Story and Teacher Guide

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780367510343
eBook: 9781003052166
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This compelling choose your own adventure story and accompanying teacher resource have been created to develop the social skills of autistic children aged 8-12. The reader takes on the role of the main character who finds themselves trapped in Tudor England and, confronted by challenging social situations and decisions that could help or hinder the narrative, must solve a mystery to get home.

Circumstances throughout the narrative are linked to accompanying worksheets in the teacher resource that explore topics such as wellbeing, teamwork, managing conflict and processing information. Suitable for use in small groups or 1:1, the programme is flexible in design, allowing the facilitator to respond to the needs of each child.

Key features of this set include:

  • An engaging illustrated interactive story that places the reader at the heart of the narrative, encouraging discussion and creating moments for deeper thinking and self-reflection
  • Photocopiable and downloadable worksheets divided into sections focused on ‘Making Sense of my World’ and ‘Connecting with Others’

A gentle and fun approach to social skills development, this is an invaluable resource for anybody looking to support students aged 8-12 as they build an understanding of the complexities of social dynamics. Although created with autistic girls in mind, it can be used with students of different genders and adapted for their needs.


What is the fifth word in ‘Activity 15: A mind of my own’?
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