1st Edition

Lean Manufacturing and Service

Fundamentals, Applications, and Case Studies

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9780367639891
Hardback: 9780367490669
eBook: 9781003121688
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Lean Manufacturing and Service - Book Cover


Within manufacturing industries, lean manufacturing and systems rooted in lean principles stand out as the most effective tool used to enhance productivity, quality, and comprehensive economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Lean Manufacturing and Service: Fundamentals, Applications, and Case Studies is not merely a guide to lean tools for cost reduction. Instead, it showcases lean as a holistic system encompassing design, planning, management, and operations, relevant to all organizations. Moreover, it delves into its integration with Industry 4.0 and its concepts.

Designed primarily for graduate and undergraduate courses, this book is also a valuable resource for industry professionals. It features exercises ranging from basic to multifaceted examples, insightful case studies, and end-of-chapter challenges. A solutions manual and lecture slides are also available to ensure a quality course experience.


What is the sixth word in the first paragraph of "Chapter 9" after the heading "9.1 Introduction"?
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