Morph Mastery: A Morphological Intervention for Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary - Book Cover
1st Edition

Morph Mastery: A Morphological Intervention for Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780367420000
Hardback: 9780367725761
eBook: 9780367817220
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Morph Mastery is an accessible, practical guide designed to support learners with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) who are struggling with spelling, reading and vocabulary. It is an effective, research-based and fun solution for when phonics-based teaching has run its course.

Understanding the morphological regularities in English helps to support both spelling and reading comprehension, yet there are few practical interventions that take a morphological approach. Morph Mastery combines this exciting new approach with tried-and-tested teaching methods that work. The activities in this book follow three engaging ninja-like characters, Prefa, Root and Sufa, who represent the three core components of morphology (prefixes, root words and suffixes) and use their sceptres to craft words.

Key features include:

  • Exciting and engaging activities and games, designed to be used by individuals or small groups
  • Detailed, curriculum-linked assessments, enabling specific target setting
  • Photocopiable and downloadable activity sheets and resources

Written in a user-friendly tone, for teaching assistants, teachers and other professionals with little or no specialist knowledge, this book is a must for any school with struggling readers and writers aged 9–13.


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