2nd Edition

Building Energy Simulation

A Workbook Using DesignBuilder™

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9780367374686
Hardback: 9780367374709
eBook: 9780429354632
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Building Energy Simulation - Book Cover


The second edition of Building Energy Simulation includes studies of various components and systems of buildings and their effect on energy consumption, with the help of DesignBuilderTM, a front-end for the EnergyPlus simulation engine, supported by examples and exercises. The book employs a "learning by doing" methodology. It explains simulation-input parameters and how-to-do analysis of the simulation output, in the process explaining building physics and energy simulation. Divided into three sections, it covers the fundamentals of energy simulation followed by advanced topics in energy simulation and simulation for compliance with building codes and detailed case studies for comprehensive building energy simulation.


Focuses on learning building energy simulation while being interactive through examples and exercises.

Explains the building physics and the science behind the energy performance of buildings.

Encourages an integrated design approach by explaining the interactions between various building systems and their effect on energy performance of building.

Discusses a how-to model for building energy code compliance including three projects to practice whole building simulation.

Provides hands-on training of building energy simulation tools: DesignBuilder™ and EnergyPlus.

Includes practical projects problems, appendices and CAD files in the e-resources section.

Building Energy Simulation is intended for students and researchers in building energy courses, energy simulation professionals, and architects.


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