Autism and Managing Anxiety - Book Cover
1st Edition

Autism and Managing Anxiety

Practical Strategies for Working with Children and Young People

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780367250331
Hardback: 9780367505028
eBook: 9780429285653
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This easy-to-use resource is a compilation of theoretical background and concrete approaches designed to increase understanding and outline strategies to support autistic children and young people who experience anxiety in the school environment. This resource also has practical application for parents, carers and professionals across a range of educational and community-based settings.

Using real life examples and case studies, the book explains and explores the different forms of anxiety and their impact across the school environment. Each chapter offers practical information and strategies that may help reduce the negative symptoms of anxiety and help support emotional resilience across home and school environments.

Key features of this book include:

  • Chapters aimed at enhancing the understanding of anxiety in autism, considering potential triggers of anxiety, discussion on cognitive theories, social communication and means of assessing anxiety.
  • A wealth of downloadable anxiety management strategies and resources that can be adapted and used by a teacher, parent or other professional.

This resource has been developed by the multidisciplinary team at Middletown Centre for Autism, and is a useful resource for the busy parent, teacher and other professionals who wish to provide individualised support strategies for anxiety across a range of settings.


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