The After Effects Illusionist - Book Cover
2nd Edition

The After Effects Illusionist

All the Effects in One Complete Guide

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780240818986
Hardback: 9781138401433
eBook: 9780240819143
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Harness the full power of After Effects by mastering its native plug-in effects. Author Chad Perkins breaks down the creation and application of each native plug-in effect available in the After Effects toolset. He also shows you how each can be used optimally in your own media project, when and why it makes sense to use each, and how to "break the rules" by using effects in unconventional ways.

Completely updated for CS6 and revised to include coverage of Keylight and the Cycore effects, you will learn every effect from color correction to distortion to simulation and all in between, putting the full power of After Effects in your hands. Included is instruction for using, among others:

  • The 3D Camera Tracker
  • The Cycore effects
  • Matte tools, including Keylight and Refine Matte
  • Color correction tools
  • A wide array of pattern generating tools

The DVD includes project files, allowing you work hand-in-hand with the lessons contained in the book.


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