Rotoscoping - Book Cover
1st Edition


Techniques and Tools for the Aspiring Artist

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780240817040
Hardback: 9781138474253
eBook: 9780240817057
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Master what it takes to make your rotoscoping and digital painting blend seamlessly into each shot. Through illustrious four color presentation, the book features step-by-step instruction on the artistic techniques of rotoscoping and digital painting with lessons on:
*Articulate mattes
*Digital paint in moving footage
*Motion tracking
*Advanced rotoscoping and digital paint techniques, and much more

It also features practical insight on the subject and industry, delving into:
*The history and evolution of rotoscoping and the role of the rotoscoper
*A typical day in the life of a rotoscoper
*How to get a job as a rotoscoper


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